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Keeping Unwanted Garden Visitors at Bay

squirrel on feeder

Creating a bird-friendly garden can sometimes open the door to less desirable visitors like rodents, pigeons, squirrels, and other larger birds. However, there are effective strategies to deter these intruders while still providing for our feathered friends.

  1. Minimise Leftover Bird Food

Rats, in particular, can be a nuisance, often drawn to the leftover bird feed on the ground. Maintaining a clean area around feeding stations is essential. Consider feeders with built-in seed catchers to prevent spillage or invest in a separate catcher like the Big Easy Seed Tray. Alternatively, crafting a DIY solution can also keep the feeding area tidy.

For those who prefer ground feeding, be mindful of the quantity of food dispensed. It’s wise to offer only what can be consumed in a single day and to retrieve any ground-feeding trays at dusk to discourage nocturnal pests.

Opting for a no-grow, no-waste seed mix can further reduce the mess and prevent unwanted sprouting of seeds.

  1. Defend Ground-Feeding Birds from Larger Birds

Pigeons and crows often target seeds intended for smaller, ground-feeding species. Employ protective measures like cages or shields designed to allow smaller birds access while keeping larger ones out.

  1. Deter Squirrels Effectively

Grey squirrels, known for their tenacity, pose a challenge to gardeners and are a threat to the native red squirrel population. Installing a squirrel buster on feeder poles can prevent their access to bird food. Position these poles away from trees and fences to foil any leap attempts by these agile creatures. Caged feeders not only block squirrels but also deter larger birds.

By implementing these measures, you can enjoy a vibrant, bird-friendly garden without the downside of uninvited guests.

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